SLA - Econocap Support
Posted by Jussi Oikarainen on 27.10.2015 13:26

Technical Support

1. Introduction

Econocap provides technical support services for customers that are under a maintenance agreement.

2. Contact information

The customer can contact the support service by telephone or by registering into the support portal. 

Telephone: +358-9-29203200

3. Language of service

The primary languages of support are Finnish and English.

4. Operating hours

Technical support services are operational on normal working days between 08.00 and 16.00 (UTC+2).

5. Response time and level of urgency

Econocap agrees to taking support questions under work within one working day (8 hours) of receiving them. The received calls are resolved based on their level of urgency and order of receival.

6. What is included

Users of the service are customers that have a maintenance agreement with Econocap. Included service operations are help with maintenance licenses (renewing, moving, installation) and solving use issues with Econocap provided software.

7. What is excluded

Work that is not part of the service agreement are agreed upon and charged separately. These include:

- Problems with software or products provided by other vendors
- Training for provided software or systems
- Without a separate agreement - maintenance and development of customer systems
- Operations requiring physical presence at customer site
- Problems related to customer IT infrastructure

8. Customer obligations

To ensure support service quality and speed, the customer provides necessary access and rights to their systems when needed.

9. Data collection

Econocap gathers data on all customer calls into a ticket system. The customer has the right to browse their own call tickets through the web portal.

10. Service breaks

Econocap ensures that at least one channel of support service is accessible during operating hours (telephone/email/ticket system) except for force majeure situations.

11. Final words

We aim to provide our customers with the best possible user experience and thus hope that customers will contact us in all problem cases.