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Econocap Tukipalvelun Rekisteriseloste
Posted by Jussi Oikarainen on 16.05.2018 09:46
Econocap Software Oy:n Tukipalvelun Rekisteriseloste

Rekisterinpitäjä Econocap Software Oy (Y-tunnus: 1782703-9)
Business Plaza Park, Loiste, Äyritie 20, 01510 Vantaa
Yhteyshenkilö Jussi Oikarainen 
Rekisterin nimi Econocap Software Oy:n tukipalvelun asiakasrekisteri

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SLA - Econocap Support
Posted by Jussi Oikarainen on 27.10.2015 13:26
Technical Support 1. Introduction

Econocap provides technical support services for customers that are under a maintenance agreement.

2. Contact information

The customer can contact the support service by telephone or by registering into the support portal. 

Telephone: +358-9-29203200
Portal: support.econocap.com
E-mail: tuki@econocap.com

3. Language of service

The primary languages of support

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